Level Devices (Pressure Car)

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Level Devices

TransQuip has redesigned the mechanical gauging device to offer a sturdier, more robust solution.

FV Level Device.png

Mechanical Gauges

AAR -E172129

TransQuip's TQ-50 mechanical gauges represent an evolution on current designs. Improvements include:-

  • 100% Stainless Steel construction (including the gauge head)

  • Neodymium float magnet (natural rare earth magnet), which will not lose strength over time and provide optimal coupling between float and rod

  • Over 1” of collar adjustment

  • Acme thread gauge head (easy cap on & off)

  • Cushioned springs to eliminate wear on the float

  • Innovative securement of float Teflon bearings (so they don’t pop out during use)

  • Slip on mounting flange to accommodate  various bolt circles