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AAR Lookup

Below you will find AAR Certifications and PDF links for Jamesbury, Rego, and Fort Vale


AAR Certifications

AAR M-1002 Tank Car Facility Certificate

2000 Series Ball Valves, 1/4"-2"

3000 Series, 33R, Ball Valves, 3/4" - 2"

5000 Series Ball Valves, 1/2" - 3"

5FRF Series Ball Valves, 2"

5REB3 Low Pofile Ball Valve, 4"

5RET Series Ball Valves, 4"

5RFF Series Ball Valves, 3"

5RNT Angle Ball Valves, 2"

5RRF Series Ball Valves, 2" & 3"

5RRR Series Ball Valves, 2"

5RRT Series Ball Valves, 2" & 3"

5RRU Series Ball Valves, 2"

6FR & 6FRF Series Ball Valves

6RA3 Full Port Angle Ball Valves, 3"-6"

6RIB3 Full Port Ball Valve, 4"

7000 Series Ball Valves

815W/815L Series WAFER-SPHERE® Butterfly Valves, 3"-12"

9000 Series Ball Valves

9F 1" - 2" Eliminator Ball Valves

9RFT Full Port Valves 2” & 3”

9RET/9REL Series External Bottom Outlet Ball Valves, 4"

AAR - Quality Assurance Program Certificate

WSRR/WSRF Series WAFER-SPHERE® Butterfly Valves, 6"



AAR Certifications









AAR m-1002 Tank Car Facility Certificate

Fort Vale

AAR Certifications



48 Vac Relief


AAR m-1002 Tank Car Facility Certificate