Engineering Services

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Engineering Services

TransQuip offers a fully integrated package and array of individual engineering and inspection services. TransQuip will design and specify the industry’s safest and most durable components to ensure your fleet meets your exact requirements. TransQuip offers customers the most innovative and diverse range of components currently available in the industry and will provide CONCEPT and/or LAYOUT drawings to meet customer needs for various valve related assemblies, including:

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TransQuip will provide drawings to meet customer needs, including:

a.     Assembly packages

b.     Top & Bottom Fitting Assembly’s

c.     Sub-Assembly for various commodities and tank car designs

d.     Component drawings


TransQuip provides comprehensive retrofit packages to bring cars into regulatory compliance, including:

a.     Scope of work

b.     Personalized Shop review

c.     Specification of all Materials & Components

d.     Supply of all Materials & Components

e.     Inspection of all work

Inspection Services

TransQuip provide AAR certified inspections for new car builds and repaired cars including:

a.     Tank assembly & tub sill design

b.     Truck assembly

c.     Brake design

d.     Safety appliances

e.     Draft gear & couplers

f.      Valves & fittings

g.     Manways

h.     Decals & Stencils

Application Packages

TransQuip offers fully integrated packages for an array of services. TransQuip will design and specify the industry’s safest and most durable components, to ensure your fleet meets your exact requirements. Transquip offers customers the most innovative and diverse range of components currently available in the industry.

a.     Anhydrous Ammonia – (Shear-Off Package)

b.     Crude Oil

c.     Ethanol

d.     Ethylene Oxide

e.     LPG

f.      Caustic/ Acid (PFA Lined Ball Valve)

COC Submissions

TransQuip can assist in drafting submissions to facilitate the application process

New Car Build Consultation

TransQuip’s engineering team can offer assistance with the latest new designs to ensure the car design is legally compliant with the latest regulation as well as efficient, safe and completely meets the Shippers needs before the cars go into production.


New OEM Product Design

TransQuip’s engineering team, with the input from its customers designs, develops and upgrades new and existing products to continually provide better performance and reduce risks. In conjunctions with our manufacturers, TransQuip continually looks at how to make transportation by tank car as safe as it can possibly be. Examples include:

New Manway

Designed and engineered to completely eliminate Non Accident Releases (NARs) as well as reduce gasket and labor costs by 95%. This innovative single bolt, metal-to-metal closure employs a universally chemical compatible encapsulated O-ring that sits on a retaining groove within shear ring of the cover. This system is approved for use with impact wrenches, has no torque requirements takes less than 2 minutes to open and close. The O-Ring is never compressed and field testing to date has seen O-Rings last over 1 year (over 12 turns) and still not need replacing.



Teflon lined ball valves

Introducing the only ball valve designed specifically designed for Chlorine and Acid Cars. In addition to a PFA lined body, spindle, clamp plate and ball; other features of all 316 stainless steel design include: - 

·      Ultra low profile

·      Requires no sealing adjustment

·      Minimal torque to open/ close

·      Repairable

·      Provides almost 300% more flow compared to existing plug valves.