Acid Car Valves

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Acid Car Valves

Durco G4 Chlorine & Acid Valves

G4Z11 Features:

·       Positive Stem Seal

·       In-Line / Thru-Line Seal Adjustability

·       Line Sealing

·       API 607 Certified

·       Low fugitive emissions

·       Low torque design

·       Steam Jacket Available

·       Threaded Flange Available

·       3 Year Warranty


·       AAR Number             

·       Size Range                  1” – 3”

·       Materials                    304 Stainless Steel Body / 304 Stainless Plug Valve


Durco T4E Chlorine & Acid Valves

The preferred fluoropolymer lined valve in the global chemical industries.

TE4 Features:

·       Body Lined

·       Positive Stem Seal

·       In-Line adjustability

·       Line Sealing

·       Weep holes

·       Low torque design

·       3 Year Warranty


·       AAR Number             

·       Size Range                  1” – 4”

·       Materials                    Ductile Iron Body/ Stainless Steel Stem


Fort Vale PFA Lined Ball Valve

The preferred fluoropolymer lined valve for transportation.


·       Stainless Steel Body

·       PFA Lined Body

·       PFA Lined Spindle

·       PFA Lined Clamp Plate

·       PFA Lined Ball

·       PFTE Front & Rear Seal & O-Ring

·       Self Adjusting Stem Seal

·       Low Profile

·       Ultra low torque design

·       Ultra high flow

·       Repairable


·       AAR Number             

·       Size Range                  2” – 3”

·       Materials                    Stainless Steel Body & Stem