Pressure Car Valves

A8434F – A8434FA Next Generation Relief Valves

Designed for use on Next Generation Tank Cars.

AAR# PRD-172103

A7833 Rego Thermowell

Designed for top mounting in man way cover.

AAR# E-149520

A3214 Internal Excess Flow Valve

Internal Excess Flow Valves


A8434F A8434F Repair Kit Instructions rev 0712 A8434F A8434F-50 Repair Kits and parts list (All) A008434F-301 02-0516-0712 Repair and Rebuild Instructions AAR# PRD-099018

Rego TA7814

Angle valve for LPG Rail Car.

AAR# E-099019

Mechanical Level Devices

Mechanical Level Devices

Jamesbury 2″ 6RA3 Angle Valve

2″ 6RA3 Angle Valve

Top loading and unloading Full Port angle valve
AAR# E079028

Jamesbury 2″ 5RNT Angle Valve

2″ Angle Valve
AAR# E079030

Rego A7835 Excess Flow Check Valve

A7835A Excess Flow Check Valve
Designed for top mounting in manway opening under a sample valve.
This valve can provide excess flow protection in the event of sample
valve failure or shear off due to accident

AAR Approval# E149519


A7837A Excess Flow Check Valves for Railroad Tank Cars
Designed for top mounting in manual cover. May be used for flow in
either direction. The exceptionally low pressure drop makes this valve
ideal for applications where a rapid transfer of product is desirable.
AAR Approval # E149518

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